Pergas Projects 2000 - 2002: South Pars Phases 2 & 3

This $2bn development came on stream in 2002. Two identical unmanned platforms, SPD 3 and SPD 4, were placed in 65m of water. Each platform receives gas from ten deviated wells, all within a radius of 3,000m. The platforms are linked to the onshore treatment system by two, 32in diameter, 105km-long multiphase lines. It initially produced 13.5 million cubic feet of gas a day rising to 60 million cubic feet a day.


It is now even more efficient since the second and third phases have now been completed, with the project output now producing around two billion cubic feet of natural gas a day and 80,000bpd of condensates. The field is operated by TotalFinaElf (40%) on behalf of Petronas (30%) and Gazprom (30%). The project was officially inaugurated in February 2003. The project of for development of phases 2 and 3 has been designed and implemented to produce 56MMscm/d of natural gas.


 The objectives of developing these phases are as follows:


  •      Daily production of 50 million cubic meters of natural gas.

  •      Daily production of 80,000 bl of gas condensate.

  •      Daily production of 400 tons of Sulfur.

  •      The share of local players amounting to 32% has been materialized.

 Offshore Facilities


  •      Two gas production platforms and recovery from 20 wells.

  •      Two 32 inch under sea pipeline for transferring gas to the onshore refinery.

  •      Two 4.5 inch pipeline for injecting Mono Ethyl Glycol (MEG).


Onshore Facilities:

 The refineries of phases 2 and 3 have been constructed in an area of 150 hectares and include the following:

  •      Four gas and gas condensate receiving and separation units.

  •      Gas condensate stabilization unit.

  •      Gas sweetening unit.

  •      Gas dehydration unit.

  •      Gas dew pointing, demercaptanization and compression for transfer.

  •      Sulfur recovery and granulation.

  •      Mono Ethyl Glycol regeneration unit.

The contract for development of phases 2 and 3 was awarded to South Pars Total Group (40%), Gazprom of Russia and Petronas of Malaysia (30%each).   


Pergas designed and built one hundred and fifteen sets for two of the project subcontractors in these two phases. We supplied seventeen Regenerator & Stripper Drums and ninety-three Drums for Hyundai HDEC ( and we also designed and supplied five Filter Vessels for OIEC/Peerless ( The total weight of the one hundred and fifteen sets was 655 MT and the three projects started in end of 2000 finished 14 month later in 2002.