Pergas Projects 2009 - 2010: South Pars phases 12, 17 & 18

Phase 12 development was for producing 3000 MMscfd gas from the reservoir.

 The objectives of the development of this phase are as follows:


  •  Daily production of 78 MMcmd natural gas for transportation by the sixth Iranian Gas Trunk Line (IGAT6)

  •  Daily production of 110.000 barrels heavy condensates.

  •  Daily production of 750 tons granulated sulfur.

  The offshore facilities consist of:


  •  Three stand-alone platforms each equipped with 12 wells producing 1000 MMscfd.

  •  Three-phase test separator (gas, condensate and water) for testing the wells.

  •  Two three-phase separators (gas, condensate and water) for water separation.

  •  Oily water treatment unit for removal of pollutant oil before being discharged to the sea.

  •  Flare tripod platform located 160 meters from the main platform for emergency de-pressurizing.

  •  A 32 inch sea line, 135 kilometers long, for transporting the produced gas to the shore.

  •  A 41/2 inch glycol transport sea line.


The onshore facilities consist of:


  • Gas-condensates reception and separation and condensates stabilization units.

  • Six 500 MMscfd gas treatment trains each consisting of sweetening, de-humidification, dew-pointing and mercaptan removal units.

  • Gas transport compression unit.

  • Sulfur recovery and granulation.

  • Mono-ethyene-glycol regeneration unit.

  • Utilities including power, steam, water and miscellaneous services such as Nitrogen, air, etc.

  • Industrial and sanitary water treatment.

  • Flaring systems for emergency de-pressurizing.

  • Fuel gas system and refinery diesel.

  • Fire fighting water system (tank, pumps and network).

  • Control rooms, electric substations, laboratory, warehouse, workshop, offices, etc.

  • Four condensates export storage tanks.

  • The contract for development of this phase was awarded to Petropars ( on July 24, 2005


The development of phases 17 & 18 of South Pars gas field was implemented to produce 50 million cubic meters of natural gas, 80,000 barrels of gas condensate, 400 MT of sulfur per day and also 1 million MT of ethane as well as 1.05 million MT of liquid propane and butane (LPG) per annum.


The onshore facilities of this project were constructed in the Asalouyeh region, some 100 kilometers from Asalouyeh coast. The offshore facilities of this project included four drilling platforms with forty-four wells, two 32-inch submarine pipelines for transferring the gas and two 4-inch pipelines for transferring Glycol solution.


The onshore refinery of this project was constructed adjacent to phases 9 and10 in Asalouyeh, in a piece of land with an area of approximately 155 hectares and comprises of four gas sweetening units, gas condensate stabilization unit and its storage tanks, gas sweetening and  dehydration units, gas cooling unit and ethane, propane and butane separation units, desulphurization and demercaptanization gas compression units for transfer, sulfur recovery and granulation units, and a MEG regeneration unit. The refinery required steam, sweet water, and cooling systems are supplied by the refinery logistic units, while the required electricity is supplied by the projects' common power plant. The Contract for this project was awarded to a Consortium of IDRO, IOEC and OIEC. The project was completed in 52 months.


The executive operations of these phases started in the presence of the esteemed president of I.R. of Iran in July 2007.

Pergas designed thirty-four reactors, twenty-two Heat Exchangers and 4 Coalecer sets. These sixty sets were sold to Petro Karan Shafagh Kish Co. (P.K.S.K), who were a subcontractor in these phases. The total weight of the sixty sets was 3016  MT and it took 20 months to build and transfer to the project location.


Pergas designed twelve Titanium H/Exchangers, these twelve sets were sold to Nargan (”  who were a subcontractor of Petropars throughout these phases. The total weight of the 12 sets was 121 MT and took 9 months to build and transfer to the project location.