Pergas is regarded as a world-leader in the manufacture of bespoke equipment for both onshore and subsea oil and gas projects, we also have a highly successful track record in the construction from topside platforms to oil refineries.  Our experience and expertise is increasingly in demand from companies developing both offshore and onshore natural resources in the Middle East, Korea and throughout the world.


We also assist in the implementation of construction execution plans based on the completed design package, and perform activities required to solicit bids, select the contractors, construct the facility and commission the facility for start-up. Providing construction project management services using proven technologies, systems and work processes to yield optimal results for our clients who are dependent on us to deliver complex and challenging construction projects around the World, on time, and within budget.


Pergas carefully selects construction management teams according to the project scope and provides them with the necessary project tools and documentation to ensure success. We engage our clients every step of the way. Formal project-specific constructability procedures provide the framework for conceptual and detailed design reviews from start to completion.  Our global network of construction resources facilitates the effective mobilisation of skilled construction teams and advanced methodologies across the world. We have extensive experience in dealing with the vagaries of local market conditions and managing culturally diverse workforces.


Our offshore and onshore construction team have executed some of the largest, most complex projects in both the upstream and downstream market. With proven experience in more than 40 countries and adjacent oceans, and a global execution platform, Pergas provides clients construction solutions in remote and challenging locations.  We offer the following in construction management to the industry:




Pergas offers the following offshore and onshore construction services:




  • Self contained field developments with platform, pipeline and/or tanker mooring installation components

  • Jacket and Deck Installations

  • Launch barge rig up and offshore launch management

  • Installation of Tanker Moorings

  • Refused pile remediation

  • Floatover topsides installations

  • Steel Jacket Fixed Platform

  • Tension Leg Platform

  • Concrete gravity base platform

  • FPSO – Floating Production Storage Offloader

  • Pipeline Precommisioning operations (Flooding, Pigging, Testing, Drying, Inerting)

  • Flexible Riser, Cable and umbilical installations

  • Shore approaches using horizontal directional drilling (HDD), conventional open cut andpipe pull techniques complemented by towed pipe solutions when required

  • Pipeline Pre-lay and Post-lay Burial

  • Operability assessments and recommendations on new marine construction equipment designs

  • Build To Operation services for newbuild marine construction barges (Operating Procedures for Class Certification)

  • Construction barge Upgrades for specific project and/or owner requirement.

  • Free span rectification

  • Field engineering support services

  • Barge and vessel rig up for specialist applications

  • Weather Management Planning for Offshore Operations





  • Oil and gas separation units

  • Tank farms and underground gas storage

  • Pipelines including pumping and compressor stations

  • Petroleum refineries

  • Petrochemical plants e.g. steam cracker,

  • Polyethylene, propylene, benzene, xylene and methane plants    

  • Liquefied natural gas plants and terminals

  • Bioethanol and biodiesel plants

  • Chemical plants

  • Pharmaceutical plants