Pergas employs its international procurement expertise and global supplier network to provide the best value for clients' capital investment. Strategically positioned across the globe, Pergas has access to 2,400 procurement professionals who contribute to execution excellence using both stand-alone and integrated engineering, construction, and maintenance service platforms.


Each year, we manage significant annual global budgets for equipment, materials, and services through strategic sourcing, material management, contract management, and logistics functions. Our advanced sourcing methods, market intelligence, and global purchasing volume enable the company to drive both cost and schedule certainty for clients' capital projects.


We value our reputation in the oil, gas and petroleum industry, therefore we make sure our clients get the best quality and value for money from their orders.  This goal is underpinned by our strategy which outlines the specific approaches we’re taking to provide the most efficient, effective and cost-conscious supply service.


Our company has developed long term, mutually beneficial, open and honest, sustainable relationships with our suppliers, companies that carry out business both ethically and transparently and who do so in the safest possible manner, with no risk to health or the environment.  It is that has made us one of the most efficient and effective procurement companies in the industry, working with the best suppliers to give the best performing yet most cost effective service worldwide.


Pergas is recognised globally as one of the leading procurement in the oil, gas and petroleum business, having transformed procurement services since entering the industry.  We’ve do this through our strategic sourcing, supply market analysis, demand and category management and procure to pay operations.  Our Procurement and Analytics teams provide deep expertise in rapid spend analysis, e-sourcing solutions, category performance, sourcing networks, and collaborative optimisation tools that accelerate procurement value realisation.


Our excellence in procurement can have a profound impact on an oil and gas company as procurement joins with other functions to secure supply and drive greater total value for the enterprise. Procurement decisions also bring to the forefront the need to:


  • Rank technologies, knowledge, and business processes that are core activities for the firm and provide competitive advantage

  • Determine which activities are non-core where a key supplier is critical to success and therefore vital to lock in these capabilities

  • Recognise which activities require multiple sourcing for risk mitigation

  • Identify activities that can be supplied by firms with offerings characterised as commodities in nature with little risk of interruption