Pergas Projects 2010 - 2011: Iran LNG project

The Iran LNG project comprised of the LNG plant, including storage and loading facilities and was divided into the following packages:


(1) LNG Plant (PACKAGE I), which included process, utilities and offsite areas as well as the loading facilities (top work only) and buildings.  It was divided into the following packages:


  • Package I-A: Liquefaction Units, comprising of units 15, 16, 17 and 18.

  • Package I-B: Treating Units (Lurgi Sulphur Management Complex-LSMC) including Unit 12, 13, 19 and Unit-11 (Feed Gas Metering), Unit-14 (Mercury Removal Unit and Unit 20 (LPG Sweetening)

  • Package I-C: E-LNG including Power Station, Electric Motors and Compressors

  • Package I-D: Utilities and Off-Sites

  • Package I-E: Telecommunication

  • Package I-F: MAC (Main Automation Contactor)


(2) LNG Storage Tanks (PACKAGE II), which includes LNG and LPG Tanks (Awarded to EPC Contractor)

(3) Harbour and Jetties (PACKAGE III), excluding loading facilities (Awarded to EPC Contractor).


Pergas supplied one hundred and ten Column & Drum sets and fifty-one Heat Exchangers. These one hundred and sixty-one sets were sold to Nardis ( who were a subcontractor in this project .The total weight of the one hundred and sixty-one sets was 10430 MT and took 12 months to build and transfer to the project location.