Pergas International Consortium (PIC) is a word class association of energy sector companies that are coherently act as an Exploration and Development (E & P) Company. Diverse combination of the members has led to an invincible synergy in different fields of the oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream. The members of PIC has a long history of engineering, finance, construction and operation in the North America, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Europe.  Our company enjoys competitive positioning for the provision of EPC/EPCI services to the oil industry both onshore and offshore, with a particular focus on the toughest and most technologically challenging projects - activities in remote areas, deep water, gas, “difficult” oil.  PIC is composed of the most respected and experienced companies in oil and gas sector including:


Technical Partners

First Commissioning Services (UK)
Byrne and Looby Energy (BLE) (Ireland)
Progetti Europa (Italy)
Northstar (Canada)
HSEC (Australia)
Transerve (Singapore)

The International Training and Accreditation Organisation (ITAO, Global)

DDGNE (Ireland)


Financial Partners

Philippines National Oil Company (Philippines)

​Prospective Aairs

PIC through their funding partners will arrange funding for the oil field Technical Service
Contracts (TSC’S) that is currently under an MOU with NISOC for field development projects. Key members of the current PIC Team formerly began their activities in the field of engineering design and manufacture of oilfield equipment since 1998. Over the past 16 years, the Company’s current management while managing both Global Process Systems (GPS) and Kvaerner Oil and Gas Asia Pacific have been indirectly and directly involved in design and supply of surface facilities for Petrofac Cendor Field, Santos Maleo Field , Petronas PCPP, OMV Yemen, ADDAX Nigeria , SBM Offshore Tanker Pacific, Shell Sarawak, Petronas Carigali, Conoco Philiphs / Gulf Asamera Oil, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd, Petronas Carigali , Murphy oil, Petro Vietnam, OMV Maari & Weatherford amongst other regional clients.

​In 2014, the team registered Pergas in Scotland to lead a potential International Consortium which was later named as PIC (Pergas International Consortium) to operate in upstream projects in the Middle East region. In 2015, Pergas as an executive and management entity and based on the experiences of its top management, as well as the vast previous cooperation with big brands in the oil industry, has created the consortium with offices in Edinburgh , London , Dubai, Tehran and Durban.


The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) was created on November 1973 ,9 as a government owned and controlled corporation founded under martial law Presidential Ferdinand Marcos to supply oil to the Philippines. Since then, its charter has been amended several times to include exploration, exploitation and development of all energy resources in the country.

PNOC Exploration Corporation is the upstream oil, gas and coal subsidiary of the state-owned Philippine National Oil Company. A government owned and controlled corporation, the Company was incorporated on 20 April 1976 and is mandated by the government through the Department of Energy (DOE) to take the lead in exploration, development and production of the country’s oil, gas and coal resources. The Company was listed in the Makati Stock Exchange and the Manila Stock Exchange in 1976 and 1977, respectively.

At present, PNOC EC has seven (7) petroleum Service Contracts (SCs), namely: SC 37 (Cagayan Basin), SC 38 (Malampaya), SC 47 (Offshore Mindoro), SC 57 (Calamian), SC 58 (West Calamian), SC 59 (West Balabac) and SC 63 (East Sabina). The Company is the operator in SC 37, SC 47 and SC 63 and a non-operating partner in SC 38, SC 57, SC 58 and SC 59. PNOC EC used to operate the very first natural gas facility in the country- the San Antonio Gas Power Plant within SC 37 before joining the Malampaya consortium (SC 38) in 1999 with a 10 stake. Malampaya is the country’s single biggest investment of its kind. PNOC EC also holds six (6) Coal Operating Contracts (COCs), namely: COC 41 (Malangas), COC 122 (Isabela), COC 141 (Isabela), COC 184 (Agusan del Sur), COC 185 (Zamboanga Sibugay) and COC 186 (Zamboanga Sibugay). As part of its coal business, the company also trades coal from other sources through its two (2) coal terminals located in Malangas and Cebu.
The company likewise owns and operates a private commercial port the Energy Supply Base (ESB) in Mabini, Batangas which provides berthing, cargo handling, storage and warehousing facilities to its clients.

Selected Previous Projects
This is a short list describing some recent projects of the company.

1. Exploration and development of Pavalan

With the client being the Department of Energy in the Philippines, this is an ongoing project.

2. Exploration and development of West Balaback

With the client being the Department of Energy in the Philippines, this is an ongoing project.

3. Exploration and development of south west of Pavalan

With the client being the Department of Energy in the Philippines, this is an ongoing project.

Role in the Consortium

The main Role of PNOC in Pergas International Consortium is crude and product off taker.

BL Energy

ByrneLooby is an international consulting engineering practice. We work with our clients to deliver value solutions for challenging projects across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. We realise that our clients need much more than engineering designs - they need functional solutions which deliver value. We are passionate about engineering and always strive to optimise solutions for clients.

We have worked with contractors and construction professionals for many years and we understand the importance of delivering solutions which are buildable, simplify construction and consider all construction stages. Our solutions consider construction costs, construction sequence and programme. Our team of engineers are aware of the importance of being reliable and responsive when working with the construction team to deliver a project.

We provide specialist advice on projects also and we have worked for other consultants, government departments and professional service companies (insurance and legal firms). Our team has a wealth of experience and they provide reliable advice. Our team has the ability to diagnose complex situations and provide remediation or alternative solutions. We also have many years’ experience carrying out complex numerical analyses and doing back analysis and investigation work.

Our team can provide expert advice and support on challenging projects from inception to completion and decommissioning.

Environmental Sustainability Policy
At ByrneLooby we are committed to the highest levels of sustainability in support of our absolute focus on Technical Excellence, Commitment to Clients and Investing in Our People, which together constitute ‘The ByrneLooby Way’. We take a partnership approach with all stakeholders to reduce impact on the environment aimed at ensuring integrity and social responsibility through all aspects of our Services.

Health & Safety Policy
At ByrneLooby we are committed to Safety First in everything we do in support of our absolute focus on Technical Excellence, Commitment to Clients and Investing in Our People, which together constitute ‘The ByrneLooby Way’. We are committed to providing a work environment that is safe and healthy for all employees and those contributing to or affected by our activities.

Quality Policy
At ByrneLooby we are committed to the highest levels of quality in everything we do in support of our absolute focus on technical excellence, commitment to clients and investing, which together constitute ‘The ByrneLooby Way’. We take a partnership approach with all stakeholders and our quality strategy is aimed at ensuring integrity through all aspects of our services.

Role in the Consortium

The main Role of BL in Pergas International Consortium is construction engineering and pipeline design.

First Commissioning Services

First Commissioning Services is Project Support Company, providing Project Management and Technical personnel to the Oil & Gas Industry both onshore and offshore. FCS believes that whether your Company’s requirement is for a complete Project Management Team or for individual Project personnel, FCS can meet and exceed your expectations.

Through our network of operations, we are strategically placed to deliver worldwide solutions
to the following sectors:
• Engineering
• Construction
• Commissioning
• Start Up
• Operations

CMOS Commissioning and Completions Management Tool documenting and directing the Mechanical Completion, Operational Functionality and Handover to the End-user. In a single integrated tool, your Project Team is able to incorporate and track all available information from the very early engineering stage to the final handover. It is a powerful tool that supports the decision making of the project by:
• Improve resource management
• Interface and providing input to the Project Planning helping manage the Project Schedule
• Manage complex Projects by clearly defining the Project Completions Scope
• Provide evidence to Owners and Regulatory Agencies that guidelines and procedures have
been implemented and followed
• Managing Third Party activities

FCS has a subsidiary company named First Turnaround Services, (FTS) focusing on Operational excellence throughout project EPCF lifecycle and Asset operational excellence throughout production lifecycle. Our support involves Strategic involvement to support EPCF projects & operations including fundamentals of design, build, commission, operate and maintain with life-cycle considerations for safe, reliable, efficient and productive operations.

Role in the Consortium

The main Role of FCS in Pergas International Consortium is Completions, Maintenance and Operation, Project Assurance and Project Assurance Excellence, Operational Readiness for Greenfield and Brownfield project activities, asset Operational Management, Operational Reliability, Maintenance and Turnarounds (planned shutdowns).


Northstar has over 30 years’ experience at the forefront of the DST industry, providing services in over 30 countries to some of the most remote locations in the world. Our firm helps oil & gas companies make critical decisions that accelerate their exploration timelines, and maximize the potential of their drilling investments. Northstar continues to focus on world class field and technical services as well as developing new and innovative
technologies. Northstar understands the importance of people as a key driver to business longevity and growth. This includes all relationships and connections: employees, partners, vendors, and agents. Our keys to success have been a constant focus on innovation, investment in people, equipment, customer service delivery, and support processes.

Quality Policy
• Northstar ensures continual improvement of policy and process through:
• Actively monitoring industry standards, requirements & regulations.
• Establishing and reviewing a strategic plan (including core values, purpose, targets, goals,
actions, and theme).
• Commitment to a management system that measures critical processes.

Northstar’s goal is to provide a safe, accident free workplace for employees. All employees
and management are responsible for the development and maintenance of our safety
program by:
• Complying with all regulatory requirements.
• Communicating all safety hazards to employees, contractors and visitors.
• Providing training and equipment to employees.

Selected Previous Projects

This is a short list describing some recent projects of the company.

1. Drill stem test in the wild cat well of Shaykan Field

With the client being Gulf Keystone Petroleum Kurdistan, the project was based in Iraq and completed on schedule in 2009.

2. Drill stem test in the exploration well of Elkouran 3

With the client being New Age Ethiopia, the project was based in Ethiopia and completed on schedule in 2013.

Role in the Consortium

The main Role of Northstar in Pergas International Consortium is Well testing and drill stem test.


Progetti (PEG) is a flexible and experienced multi-sector group that operates as an Engineering &
Contracting Company
• For EP-EPC contracts in Oil & Gas facilities field
• For Services Contracts of Design / Design Review / Project management/ Construction Supervision in the field of Infrastructures.

With more than fifty years proven experience in providing process design, engineering
solutions and project management, today can carry out projects from conceptual front-end
design and feasibility study, trough to detailed engineering, construction, commissioning
and startup. PEG also has a wide experience in designing and building pre-assembled skidmounted

PEG was established in 1998, but its roots date back further, within the decennial experience
of companies that have merged under its name. The heart of the company began from
the branch of a business operating in industrial plant engineering, the planning of civil
infrastructures, the technical and administrative management of real-estate and territorial
information systems.

The company’s professional and intervention capacities were developed thanks to the
recruitment of specialized staff who had already worked for important engineering and
contracting companies. In 2001 the company took another important step forwards: thanks
to the acquisition of a company having forty years’ experience in the field of Oil & Gas, PEG
has improved its know-how in the sphere of EPC project management in the petrochemical

Today PEG stands out for its dynamism, versatility and experience in producing and
administering multidisciplinary projects (both in Italy and abroad) on behalf of oil companies,
private customers and public administrations.

Selected Previous Projects

This is a short list describing some recent projects of the company.

1. Design and implementation of separators and flare system

With the client being ExxonMobil and Shell, the project was based in Iraq and completed on schedule in 2014.

2. Design of production unit for Majnoon field

With the client being PETROFAC, the project was based in Pakistan and completed on schedule in 2011.


HSEC is “an extra-ordinary group of people producing sustainable and pragmatic outcomes for industry and the community”. We are experienced people that come from your community and understand the issues that enable people and contractors to perform less than their best. We are people that have tremendous experience that can ensure the clients business systems/requirements or standards are met or preferably exceeded in a
way that is known to be effective, sustainable and efficient. We are people that see the long term future of our company only being possible by partnering with our clients and the community in providing services or community support better than our competitors.

Our business is important to us. HSEC Services wants to be known as a great, reliable and trustworthy partner by the community and businesses within which we serve. We can only do this with good and effective governance systems. Clients that we work for expect us to manage confidential or for that matter any information regards their people, business or contractors in a way that ensures their own governance and business practices
are maintained.

The community has an expectation that HSEC Services ads value whilst maintaining compliance with local, state or all applicable laws of the land. Our own employees are the key to our success. While we have modern Human resource policies and procedures that will make our workplace a happy place to be they cant be effective unless we check and monitor that our business processes do indeed meet our Company values and Strategies.

Role in the Consortium

The main Role of HSEC in Pergas International Consortium is to guarantee Health safety and environment guidelines.


SGS is a multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. It is founded in 1878 and has more than 90,000 employees and operates over 2,000 offices and laboratories worldwide. The company works in the following industries: agriculture and food, automotive, aviation, chemical, construction, consumer goods and retail, energy, finance, industrial manufacturing, life sciences, logistics, mining, oil and gas, and public sector.


From exploration, appraisal and development to production and logistics, we offer a variety of services and solutions that cover the entire upstream sector. Our services support you as you search for, recover and produce crude oil and natural gas. Whether you are searching for potential underground or underwater oil and gas fields, drilling exploratory wells, or operating wells that are recovering and bringing the hydrocarbon reserves to the surface, we can assist you with analysis, testing, inspection and consultation.


DGNGie is an international leading provider of Operations, Maintenance and Construction Skills Training based in Ireland. Our products and services include Technical Training, Consultancy, Apprenticeships, Skills Assessment.


Our market sectors include engineering construction and many process and manufacturing industries including oil, gas, mining, cement, pharmaceutical, power generation and downstream petrochemical all of whom require Electrical, Instrumentation, and Mechanical Technicians to construct and maintain industrial plant processes as well as Process Operators to run the facilities. 


TTE Technical Institute is the UK’s leading provider of technical training to the oil & gas, process, manufacturing and engineering sectors. We specialise in the design, build, operation and management of new training centres around the World; consultancy services; apprenticeship & technical study programmes; bespoke & scheduled accredited courses. Through our commitment to training excellence and by focusing on understanding employer needs and employee motivations we are able to develop people and programmes to exceed expectations, foster business improvement and enhance lives.

Our training is delivered at our world-class facilities in the UK or on location at clients’ premises around the world. Training programmes range from foundation to advanced level including delivery of practical skills training, formal technical qualifications and assessment and verification of Vocational Qualifications across operations, maintenance, management and health & safety.